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Property Management in Meridian

Meridian Property Management

Meridian is the state's fastest-growing city, and recently selected as one of the 100 best communities for young people.

Once a small dairy farm town, Meridian, Idaho is now one of Idaho’s largest communities. Meridian is a strong attractor for people looking to relocate to the Boise area.

Drive through the center of Meridian and you will find several streets of old homes. In a small ring outside that, the ages decrease from the 50’s to the 80’s. Meridian, Idaho real estate — like neighboring, Eagle — is largely newer construction. In fact, locals will tell you that 10-15 years ago, Meridian, Idaho was just a little farm town. Unlike its neighbor, however, Meridian real estate developed a more diverse style. In Meridian, you can find everything from entry-level homes to million-dollar properties. Because of its size and affordable real estate prices, Meridian, Idaho is where most of new construction has been created in Ada County.

Capital Property Management can assist you in your Meridian property management needs.

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